Jun 092012


Gemeinsam mit verscheidenen internationalen Jugendorganisationen und früheren UN-Jugenddelegierten haben wir, Sabrina und Patrick einen Brief an den UN-Generalsekretär Ban Ki-moon unterzeichnet. In diesem fordern wir die UN und den Generalsekretär dazu auf,  auf die Verbrechen des syrischen Regimes zu reagieren und die Menschen in Syrien bei der Wahrnehmung ihrer natürlichen, universalistischen Rechte zu schützen.

To: Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations
June 7, 2012


Honorable UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,

The signing Youth-led Organizations, Regional and National Youth Councils, as well as official
Youth Delegates to the UN, send you this letter to condemn the violent acts and massacres
carried out by the Syrian regime against the Syrian people, including innocent women and
As the people and youth of the Arab World continue to fight for their lost political and human
rights, the Syrian Regime continues to kill and carry out military operations with heavy
weaponry to crush the dissent. Thousands have been killed and the international community has
not yet stood up to protect the Syrian people, their rights and universal values and morals, let
alone propose any serious resolution by the Security Council.
We are addressing you to express the need to take action against this regime, that has not
committed to the plan brought forward by Mr Kofi Annan or any other international actor. The
youth of the world are deeply troubled and saddened by the situation in Syria, and believe that
there is no agenda or special interest that could excuse the death of the Syrian people.
With reference to the UN Security Council Resolution no.1612 on Children in Armed Conflict,
UN Security Council Resolution no.1325 on Women, Peace, and Security, the UN Convention on
the Rights of the Child, the Charter of the United Nations, and Universal Values and Human
Rights, we emphasize the need for the United Nations and the International Community to
propose and implement a quick and swift end to this situation. Under your leadership, we have
faith that the United Nations will take serious action to protect the lives of those people that
practiced their natural right of expression and assembly.
Your sincerely,


UN Youth Delegates:
Abdulaziz Tarabzoni – Former UN Youth Delegate of Saudi Arabia
Christoffer Grønstad – Former UN Youth Delegate of Norway
Laura Crivelli- Former UN Youth Delegate of Switzerland
Monika Mareková – UN Youth Delegate of Slovakia
Patrick Rohde – UN Youth Delegate of Germany
Ploypailin Rupavijetra – Former UN Youth Delegate of Thailand
Sabrina Reindl – UN Youth Delegate of Germany

International Youth Organizations and Councils:
European Youth Forum (YFJ)
Global Young Greens
International Young Catholic Students (IYCS)