Jun 052012

Letzte Woche waren wir auf der Baltic Model United Nations (kurz: BALMUN), einer UN-Simulation in dem „Innerstädtischen Gymnasium Rostock“, bei der Schüler*innen aus  27 Ländern verschiedene Mitgliedsstaaten der UN nachgespielt und versucht haben, regionale und globale Probleme und Konflikte zu lösen.Das gesamte Wochenende lang wurde heiß debattiert, fleißig geforscht und intensiv über mögliche Lösungsansätze nachgedacht – und das alles auf englisch.

Im Rahmen der Abschlusszeremonie haben wir als UN-Jugenddelegierte eine Rede gehalten, deren Text wir euch natürlich nicht vorenthalten wollen. Das Video findet ihr hier: Abschlusszeremonie BALMUN 2012




Honourable delegates,

honourable organizers of BALMUN 2012,
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear Guests,

thank you for welcoming us here at your first jubilee of BALMUN.

It is  our pleasure to speak to you today – at the end of the BALMUN 2012 in Rostock. Patrick and I hope that you have enjoyed the last couple of days, that you had the chance for passionate discussions and that all of you had a lively exchange with each other about global politics in the context of the United Nations.

First, let us introduce ourselves – We are Patrick Rohde and Sabrina Reindl, the German Youth Delegates to the United Nations General Assembly 2012. Since 1981 in course of the “World Program of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and beyond” all nations are requested to include youth representatives into their national delegation for the General Assembly.

In Germany the Youth Delegates Program exists for eight years now, and each year there are selected two young people to represent the youth living in Germany and to bring their opinions and demands into the negotiations of the GA in New York. Now in 2012 it is our task to rise our voices for the Youth living in Germany. Before we will get the honour of speaking as voice of the youth in Germany in New York, we are travelling throughout the country, to meet as much young people as possible, to listen, what they have to say, to get an insight in their ways of life, to introduce the United Nations  to them, to establish a relationship between their lives and the United Nations and finally to discuss possible ways of solving problems in their environment.

The this year topic of BALMUN, “Sustainability and Equity: A Better Future for All“ is an issue, that we get confronted with very often while talking to the youth. So far we have met a huge range of young people in schools, at conferences, in summercamps or at many more occasions. Everywhere we found a huge interest in global topics, which concern all of us, like sustainability, the protection of our environment or the common fight against the violation of human rights. And it was impressive, how much young people do know, how severe is their request to participate in forming the environment they live in and in building their own future – if you only let them know that they have the right, even the duty to do so! We saw that you must not underestimate youth, and it is politics who can learn from the youth.

The best example herefore is YOU! You came here from 27 different countries to meet and discuss issues of international politics. You came here, to compare different points of view, to get to know each other and to widen your horizon. You also came here, to show your interest in participating in those global matters, that affect all of us and all our countries. Hereby you show the importance of youth to stand up and make clear the necessity of action, NOW and without compromises! Because it is our World and our future, that is discussed in the United Nations and in the whole international political discourse.

Because of globalisation and interdependences that make the world go faster we need people who engage themselves. We, as induviduals and as citizen have to take care of our orientation in these changing conditions. In a world where our behavior has an impact on almost everything which surrounds us, it is hard to set the right priorities. This challenge should not paralyse us it should motivate us to find our way through this complex situation. In the past years we witnessed several ocassions of globalisation such as the global economic crises, the arab spring or even Fukushima.

As we learned in the last ten years we can now state that countries do not have the power to solve the upcoming problems of globalisation by themselves. They need partner, organized in a reliable and strong framework. A framework which has to be open for every country, the weak and the strong ones to solve all problems which can emerge from globalisation and to use all chances which globalisation reveals. The United Nations could be such an organisation. Actually the United Nations can be such an organisation. Because it’s OUR organisation; it is the best United Nations we have – we have no other. So, rather than run it down, rather than criticize it out of existance, let us support it, try to improve it, make it more effective in protecting humanity.

These days we can witness that we all live in a period of change. But instead of being paralysed we should be tough on the upcoming issues to build an United Nations that is strong and reliable. Therefore we have to touch sensitive issues like the reform of the security council or the democratization of international organisations in generall. It’s up to us to realize these changes and we hope that all of you will find their way to advocate for these goals when you are back home.

We like to thank all of you for your interests in the United Nations and for taking part at the Balmun 2012 here in Rostock. Sabrina and I hope that it is not your last stop in getting involved in global issues and we hope that you are now more than eager to shape your world after this weekend. Thank you!