Nov 112014

Flyer Side Event jpeg21.10.2014 – Human Rights – Universal, Interdependent, Inclusive. Today our Side Event took place in the German Mission and led to a discussion that inspired not only the youth delegates, but the whole audience consisting of international diplomats. The Side Event was co-organized by the German and Austrian Mission as well as the Austrian Youth Delegate, the Belgian Youth Delegates, the Dutch Youth Delegate, the Georgian Youth Delegate and the Romanian Youth Delegates with the Support of „I Sell the Shadow„. Its aim was to foster the collaboration between the different rights-holders, to see similarities and differences in their strive for non-discrimination and to think about the next steps in framing and guaranteeing human rights.


Undoubtedly, the Human Rights Charta, the CCPR and the ICESR lay an important foundation for a non-discriminative global society. Declarations that were stunningly progressive for the time and global frame in which they were shaped. However time moves on and new historic challenges arise: Nowadays various conventions protect the rights of children, women’s rights, rights of indigenous people as well as rights of people with disabilities, but right-holders still have to strive for the full realization of their rights as people still experience discrimination and human rights violations. We are interested in exploring on how these groups can strive together for an inclusive approach emphasizing the universality, interdependence, and interrelatedness of human rights.

What are the challenges specific groups of right-holders are confronted with? Can rights-holder’s claims be competing each other? How can we maximize the  Side eventimpact by joining forces? How can we promote indivisible, interdependent and universal human rights while also focusing on specific vulnerable groups? How to promote gender equality without pointing at men, women and their differences within a binary gender logic? How to guarantee equal access without promoting disability? How to fight racism without perpetuating the idea of distinct, somewhat natural races?

In our discussion we were curious about identity formation and group creation. We also heard about the experiences of human rights experts and activists in the field about their challenges and discussed on how we could move away from classifying individuals as parts of groups and creating a global society in which the achievement of human rights for all people is in the foreground.

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