The Youth Delegate Programme


Since 1981 the United Nations (UN) recommend Member States to include Youth Delegates in their national delegations in order to ensure direct youth participation. Up to now numerous Member States make use of this possibility.

Since 2005 also two German Youth Delegates accompany their Delegation to the UN General Assembly to New York every year. Where we give a voice to the young generation by advising diplomats as “experts on youth issues” on the perspectives of youth.

Prior to New York we go on a tour throughout the whole of Germany in order to find out what moves young people in Germany and what their opinion is on a variety of subjects. In many different cities we visit young people, organize workshops and discuss with them matters of education, globalisation, the environment, AIDS – areas that particularly effect young people around the whole world, and accordingly have been defined as world-youth-topics in the UN World Programme of Action for Youth.

However, this is by far not everything: Next to appointments with the press, invitations by youth organisations, UN groups and meetings with our supporting organizations, we strive to network with other European Youth Delegates as soon as possible, so we can more effectively advocate the needs of young people later on in New York.

Following this intensive preparation and equipped with a lot of knowledge and ideas we travel to the General Assembly where we participate in committee sessions, formal and informal meetings, conferences and side-events in order to give a voice to the young people.