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WPAY Guide
Growing together
World Youth Report 2012
World Youth Report 2011
World Youth Report 2007

World Youth Report 2005
World Youth Report 2003

UN Youth Resolutions

2011 – GA Resolution on Policies and Programmes involving Youth
2011-Outcome Document High Level Meeting
2009-CSocD, Resolution 47/1
2007-GA Resolution on Policies and programmes involving youth 2007
2007-CSocD, Resolution 45/2
2006-CSocD, 44th Session, Resolution on Youth Employment
2005 – GA Resolution on Youth (A/RES/60/2)
2004 – GA Resolution on tenth anniversary of WPAY (A/RES/59/148)
2003 – GA resolution on Youth (A/RES/58/133)
2001 – GA resolution on Promoting Youth Employment (A/RES/57/165)
2001 – GA resolution on Youth (A/RES/56/117)
1999 – GA resolution on Youth (A/RES/54/120)
1997 – GA resolution on Youth (A/RES/52/83)
1995 – GA Resolution on the World Programme of Action for Youth to the Year 2000 and Beyond (A/RES/50/81)
1985 – GA Resolution on the International Youth Year (A/RES/40/14)

Reports of the Secretary General

2008 – Implementation of the WPAY progress and constraints with respect to the well-being of youth and their role in civil society

2010 – UN Secretary General Report: World Programme of Action for Youth