The Youth Delegates


Hello, we are Elise and Florian – and together we are the Germany Youth Delegates to the UN General Assembly 2013.

Elise Zerrath

I’m 26 years old and my beautiful home town is Lübeck, located in the far North of Germany. I studied International Relations and Human Geography at the University of St Andrews in Scotland. Since high school I have been actively involved in MUN groups and I’m also a member of a political youth organisation. It is great that we can actively shape society and to me it is an incredibly empowering thought that each and every one of us can influence the way we want to live together. I like to encourage young people to do exactly that: to become active and improve the society we live in. During my studies I had the opportunity to work as a teaching assistant at a high school with the intention to prove to young people that they shape society with their day-to-day decisions.

I don’t have any talents – but I’m extremely curious and love to venture out. I was lucky to be able to act out my untameable wanderlust and explore many amazing corners of this planet, e.g. I spent a high school year in New Zealand and during my university studies I had the chance to spend a semester in Ecuador and some months in the US, South Africa and Iceland.

“The voice of young people is the voice of the future! Get involved, shape your future and let us hear your voice. As youth delegates, Florian and I will ensure that your voice will carry weight at the United Nations.”


Florian Nowack

I was born August 1989 in my home town of Lohne – located in the beautiful federal state of Lower Saxony between Osnabrück and Bremen. After my A levels I started studying “International Business and Intercultural Studies” at Heilbronn University. I seized every opportunity to see the world: I spent one semester in Lyon (France), one in Beirut (Lebanon) and one as an intern in Berlin. I expect to complete my B.A. studies in spring 2013. For fall 2013 I intend to apply for a Master in Management at Mannheim University.

Since 2006 I have been a volunteer for the protestant youth organization in Germany (Evangelische Jugend). I have worked with young people undertaking the affirmation of baptism, organized meetings for youth groups, youth camps and training courses. In addition, I was a board member of the protestant youth on regional and federal level. During this period I was also responsible for the organization of a theme year called “child poverty and juvenile poverty” as well as for big youth events and a project at the German Protestant Church Convention (Kirchentag) in Bremen 2009. Since 2009 I have also been a member of the Young Socialists (Jusos) in the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD). In 2011 and 2012 I was a board member at the regional level in Heilbron and since 2012 I have been sharing my experience as an expert on youth policy at the federal level. Furthermore, I have been representing the German National committee for international youth work (DNK) within the European Youth Forum since 2011. In my spare time I like to spend time with my friends, to travel as often as possible, to do sport as well as to get to know other languages and cultures.

“Only then will our society be well prepared for the future if as many young people as possible are able to take part in today’s decisions impacting tomorrow. As UN Youth Delegates we would like to give you a strong voice and listen very carefully to your ideas for a better, more peaceful and equitable world. We are looking forward to meeting you.”