What do we do?


Our work as Youth Delegates is made up of two main parts. For one we obviously attend the UN General Assembly in New York, but before that we go on a tour throughout Germany in order to talk to young people all over the country.

Tour through Germany

To find out what is important to young people in Germany today and what is their opinion on different current political issues we travel throughout Germany for several month before going to New York. We participate in discussions, workshops and give speeches on topics such as i.e. education, globalization, environment and HIV/AIDS in many different cities all over the country. The topics reflect issues, which especially effect young people and have therefore been defined in the UN World Action Programme for Youth (WPAY) as world youth topics.

New York

In New York there is a lot for us to do. On the one had we will give a speech at the UN General Assembly and we will participate in the negotiation of the third committee of the GA, which deals with social, hunaitarian and cultural rights. On the other hand we work together closely with the othe rinternational youth delegates and have many meetings.